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Outstanding High-Grade Niobium, Yttrium & Dysprosium Assays


  • High-grade assays of 6.78% Niobium oxide and 3.71% Tantalum oxide, returned from within the Company’s wholly owned Critical Elements Project;

  • These results back up the previously reported assay results from rock-chip samples of 32% Niobium oxide and 12.4% Tantalum oxide;

  • Assay results confirm Niobium rich target zone with a potential Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) strike length of up to 1.5km

  • Assays further highlight the discovery of high grade critical heavy rare earth oxides (HREO) which include:

- 7226 ppm Yttrium oxide

- 3430 ppm Dysprosium oxide

- 4880 ppm Ytterbium oxide

- 2760 ppm Erbium oxide

- 450 ppm Terbium oxide

  • Significantly, all three of the Company’s granted tenements have returned highly anomalous TREO results >500ppm to a maximum of 25,652 ppm or 2.57% TREO.

“We have been confident of our Niobium rich zone from historical results but to receive confirmation with these lab results is great news for our shareholders. Now we add the discovery of the more valuable heavy rare earths within this same target zone, and in particular high grades of Dysprosium and Yttrium, this makes these projects our number one priority and is particularly exciting for the Company.

To discover this target area now, having just commenced our systematic exploration program, is a great start and gives us the confidence to ramp up our exploration program in the new year.”

Jeremy Bower, Reach Resources CEO


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