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High Grade Lithium Results at Yinnetharra


  • Lithium mineralisation confirmed with rock chip samples reporting highly encouraging assays of up to 2.3% Li₂O (lithium oxide); 4295ppm Cs (caesium) and 705.8ppm Ta2O5 (tantalum oxide).

  • Multiple large, strike extensive, lithium-bearing pegmatites of the Spodumene-Petalite Subtype (1Featherstone, J.M, 2004) confirmed at the Company’s Yinnetharra tenements, directly adjoining Delta Lithium (formerly Red Dirt Metals) and Minerals 260 (Figure 1). Results from the Bonzer and Malibu Prospects at the Company’s Morrissey Hill Project include:

  • Bonzer Prospect (Morrissey Hill E09/2375)

    • 23RRRK00010 - 22,990ppm or 2.30% Li₂O, 4295ppm Cs, 705.8ppm Ta2O5 and 7978ppm Rb.

    • 23RRRK0003 - 14,422ppm or 1.4% Li₂O, 2873ppm Cs ,714.4ppm Ta2O5 and 4891ppm Rb.

    • 23RRRK0002 - 12,832ppm or 1.3% Li₂O, 2205ppm Cs, 243.4ppm Ta2O5 and 4108ppm Rb.

  • Malibu Prospect (Morrissey Hill E09/2375)

    • RRRK00046 - 6524ppm or 0.65% Li₂O, 505ppm Cs, 81.1ppm Ta2O5 and 1426ppm Rb.

    • RRRK00047 - 2050ppm or 0.20% Li₂O, 117ppm Cs, 185.5ppm Ta2O5 and 966ppm Rb.

    • RRRK00049 - 3547ppm or 0.35% Li₂O, 190ppm Cs, 153.8ppm Ta2O5 and 1293ppm Rb.

“These are seriously good results, considering we have only had time to target a small percentage of the total outcropping pegmatites on site. We estimate in excess of over 50 pegmatites remain untested across our three projects. We are particularly excited about the Bonzer Prospect, which is a clear walk-up drill target. We now have consistently high lithium grades from this very large pegmatite which is at least 1.5 km long with lithium bearing minerals at surface.

Our field crews are heading back to site next week to commence systematic surface geochemical sampling which should deliver a pipeline of additional target areas to those which we have recently identified. These results make our upcoming drill program very exciting for the Company and shareholders.

It is great to see the likes of David Flanagan’s Delta Lithium and Tim Goyder’s Minerals 260 taking big positions around us, we are clearly in a sweet spot of one of the hottest critical mineral regions in Australia right now.

Without putting too fine a point on it, the more time we spend on the ground the more lithium pegmatites we are finding and the greater the potential for success in the upcoming drilling programs. The Future is within Reach”.

Jeremy Bower, Reach Resources CEO


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