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Heritage Survey Scheduled at Wabli Creek


  • Reach Resources Limited (ASX: RR1 & RR1O) (“Reach” or “the Company”) is pleased to confirm the Company has successfully scheduled its Aboriginal heritage survey at the Company’s 100% owned Wabli Creek Project, Gascoyne W.A.

  • The heritage survey at Wabli Creek has been booked with the Burringurrah Aboriginal Corporation, for the week commencing 15 July 2024.

  • Following the Company’s recently announced high grade in-situ niobium and REE results, having a date set to complete this survey is a significant milestone for the Company.

  • Previously announced in-situ results (ASX Announcement 12 June 2024):

    • 17.65% Nb₂O₅, 0.15% Y₂O₃, 10.81% Ta₂O₅, 31.39% TiO₂, 0.37% TREO (24WRCK049)

    • 13.22% Nb₂O₅, 0.13% Y₂O₃, 6.27% Ta₂O₅, 18.97% TiO₂ 1.13% TREO (24WRCK046)

  • The survey will focus on the priority geochemical targets identified by the Company’s consultant geochemist (Sugden Geoscience), and the margins of the late-stage intrusive feature which is considered the likely parental source of the Nb-Y-Ta-Ti-REE enriched pegmatites at Wabli Creek. Importantly, recent geochemistry has indicated that a carbonatite association cannot be ruled out in addition to the pegmatites.

CEO Jeremy Bower said, “We would like to thank the Burringurrah Aboriginal Corporation and Wajarri people for their cooperation to complete this survey and we look forward to building on this important relationship. As part of our ongoing ESG commitments the Company is really pleased to engage with the traditional owners of the land on which we explore. We look forward to completing this survey with the Wajarri people with the intent to clear targets for a potential drill program within Q3 this year.”


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