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Morrissey Hill


  • Morrissey Hill (E09/2375) contains historical high-grade lithium, tantalum, rubidium, cesium, niobium results from rock-chip samples including: ​​1.32% Li2O, 3.62% Ta2O5, 1,936 ppm Rb, 2,276 ppm Cs, and 1.55% Nb2O5.

  • Lithium mineralisation confirmed with rock chip samples reporting highly encouraging assays of up to 2.3% Li2O (lithium oxide); 4295ppm Cs (caesium) and 705.8ppm Ta2O5 (tantalum oxide)

  • Multiple large, strike extensive, lithium-bearing pegmatites of the Spodumene-Petalite Subtype (1Featherstone, J.M, 2004) confirmed at the Company’s Yinnetharra tenements, directly adjoining Delta Lithium (formerly Red Dirt Metals) and Minerals 260 

  • The Morrissey Hill project adjoins Red Dirt Metals’ (ASX:RDT) Yinnetharra Lithium Project. RDT recently announced initial assay results from drill intersections including 55.6 m @ 1.12% Li2O incl. 15 m @ 1.52% Li2O from 95 m.

  • Geology within Morrissey Hill is consistent with Red Dirt Metals’ “Goldilocks Zone” theory for occurrence of lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites. Numerous outcropping pegmatites have already been mapped within E09/2375 at Morrissey Hill.

  • In addition, results show a 5-km long lithium soil anomaly (>100 ppm Lithium) untested by Drilling.

  • Results from the Bonzer and Malibu Prospects at the Company’s Morrissey Hill Project include:

    • Bonzer Prospect (Morrissey Hill E09/2375)

      • 23RRRK00010 22,990ppm or 2.30% Li2O, 4295ppm Cs, 705.8ppm Ta2O5 and 7978ppm Rb.

      • 23RRRK0003 - 14,422ppm or 1.4% Li2O, 2873ppm Cs ,714.4ppm Ta2O5 and 4891ppm Rb.

      • 23RRRK0002 - 12,832ppm or 1.3% Li2O, 2205ppm Cs, 243.4ppm Ta2O5 and 4108ppm Rb.​

    • Malibu Prospect (Morrissey Hill E09/2375)

      • RRRK00046 - 6524ppm or 0.65% Li2O, 505ppm Cs, 81.1ppm Ta2O5 and 1426ppm Rb.

      • RRRK00047 - 2050ppm or 0.20% Li2O, 117ppm Cs, 185.5ppm Ta2O5 and 966ppm Rb.

      • RRRK00049 - 3547ppm or 0.35% Li2O, 190ppm Cs, 153.8ppm Ta2O5 and 1293ppm Rb

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