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The Pansy, Carnation and Blue Bell are contained within the company’s current project area, while the Carnation and Blue Bell are to the North of the project area, the Pansy is at the southern end of the Primrose Fault.  The fault is estimated to be anywhere from some 4km to 9km long and strikes from North to south along the entire Project area, and is a high-value target in our future exploration.

  • Total inferred mineral resources ~ 1.035Mt @ 3.2g/t Au for 105,000 ozAu 1.

  • Includes higher grade components 0.582Mt @ 4.7g/t Au for 87,000 oz Au 2.

  • Significant upside to resource open at depth & along strike.

  • Potential for lithium bearing minerals within pegmatites identified on site.

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